domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Student´s life

Student´s life
Difference between Universities of Zulia University Rafael Belloso Chacin in the enrollment process
There are several differences between the two universities in the enrollment process and that URBE to many studies to facilitate this process for both students and staff URBE
Facilities URBE

I believe that the new technique Online Enrollment have the possibility to register the materials that we should as it was previously impossible when our turn and were closed matters we had planned to enroll.

In the University of Zulia is no easy to place the materials, becouse is a public university
teachers dont have the control, so the students most of the time cant see the materials that they want to see in the right time

Rectorate LUZ

URBE also has the advantage that is a single location for all races and the University of Zulia is all separated

in the neighborhood

My and my husband’s errands.

Because we only have a car he takes my son to school in the morning, than he takes me to URBE .

Later he goes to work, at 12 he picks up my kid and me at the university.

We all eat lunch together and in the afternoon when he is free he goes and pay services and go shopping for things needed at home.
That’s what we do on the week.

The weekends I usually go to the supermarket and buy food,  we go out as a family to eat or visit other relatives.

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Describing my neighborhood

Describing my neighborhood

I live in a nice apartment building, near La Vereda  Del Lago
The building is new and very comfortable, it only has 18 apartments, it has a beautiful view.

My Building is very pedestrian you can walk very easily.
We have everything near, hospitals, parks, supermarkets
And my kid’s school.